55 gallon drum garden hose spooler

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Gone are the days when 55 gallon drums were only to be found in factories and warehouses to store and transport liquids and fluids. Nowadays, with the enormous thrust in environmental awareness, everyone tries to reduce, reuse and recycle almost everything both from the point of view of saving money and from the point of view of being socially responsible. Using creativity and a little bit of effort, we will discuss how to build a garden hose spooler using a 55 gallon drum.

Garden hoses are usually unwieldy because of their enormous lengths. Garden hose spoolers that are available in the market today however are generally too small for any practical use. This is especially true if you have long hose lengths. Not to worry. Here is a simple step by step method which you can alter per your requirements and build a cheap garden hose spooler using a 55 gallon drum that is empty and is currently serving no purpose.

First get a 55 gallon drum. Either buy it for cheap or get it for free. Next, build an angle iron frame by welding three pieces of angle iron to form a flat bottomed U shape. One frame will be for one end of the drum and another frame will be for the other end of the drum. Next weld two pieces of angle iron to form a V shape such that the open end of the V is dimensionally equal to the open end of the U. Now weld the V to the U, one for each end. Attach two rollers to each V, one roller for each leg of the V. Repeat the same for the other V. The 55 gallon drum will rest on these rollers, allowing it to turn freely. Now attach a crank handle to one end of the drum, either the end with the bung which is preferred or the other end which used to be the bottom of the drum. Now you have a spool on to which the garden hose can be spooled on to. Use the handle to re-coil the garden hose after use.

You have thus used a 55 gallon drum effectively to build a nice simple gadget that can be used in your yard and garden without spending too much money and by using an old 55 gallon drum.

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